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Stay tuned for changes in some politics, vaccines and logistics

Luggage weight on domestic flights:

• On Brazilian domestic flights the weight for checked luggage allowed is 23kg (Be aware that you may have to pay an extra fee to be able to check your luggage in case you have bought a base fare plane ticket)
• The cabin luggage weight allowed is 10Kg
• All the forbidden objects for the international flights are also forbidden here except small bottles of water.

This information is from January 2023 and might have changed up to this moment. Please access your flight company website to confirm this info before travelling.

Lodges and Pousada's services

• Some of them offer a laundry service but it is a little bit expensive as you have to pay per piece to be washed
• When they have it, the pousadas offer free wi-fi access, but be aware that some places don’t have internet at all.
• The electric sockets are 110V, you may rarely find some 220V in some places.


• It is strongly recommended to do the yellow fever and Hepatitis A vaccines
• Ckeck if you are up to date against Tetanus, Hepatitis B, Diphteria, Pertussis and Polio vaccines
• It is also good to do the rabies vaccine
• No needs of Malaria treatment for Pantanal but if you are planning to go to the Amazon rainforest and other South American countries during your trip, it would be then recommended.

Informations only. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to ask your doctor


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